About ACIS

Our History and what we do

What is Agricultural Chemicals Inspection Station?

There are many types of agricultural chemicals such as fungicides, insecticides, herbicides and plant-growth regulators, etc. In Japan, agricultural chemicals registration system has been established to make agricultural production stable and to prevent any adverse effect on human and animal health and environment caused by agricultural chemical use.

In accordance with Agricultural Chemicals Regulation Act, Agricultural Chemicals Inspection Station (ACIS) inspects qualities of agricultural chemicals and ensures proper and safe use of them. Furthermore, ACIS conducts on-site inspection on pesticide manufacturers, distributors and end use to prevent the distribution or use of unsuitable pesticides.

The history

Establishment of ACIS affiliated to MAFF in Kita-ku, Tokyo. ACIS consisted of three Divisions (i.e. General Affairs Matter, Chemistry and Biology).
Moved to Kodaira-shi, Tokyo.
Pesticide Residue Division, Technical Research Division, Planning and Coordination Division, Aquatic Organisms Safety Division (which lead to "Non-target Organisms Safety Division"), Toxicity Division and Environment Division were created.
ACIS, MAFF transferred to "Incorporated Administrative Agency: Agricultural Chemicals Inspection Station"
ACIS has merged with other two organizations and become a part of FAMIC.
Environmental Fate and Behavior Evaluation Division and Eco-toxicology Evaluation Division were brought together into one division; Environmental Effect Evaluation Division
Pesticide Research Division was dismantled.
Eco-toxicity Evaluation Division and Pesticide Residues Monitoring Division were created and Coordinator for Agricultural Chemicals Inspection was appointed.
Precision Management Specialist was appointed.
Deputy Chief Director was appointed and GLP Monitoring Division created.
Environmental Effect Evaluation Division and Eco-toxicology Evaluation Division were brought togeter into one section; Environmental Effect Evaluation Division.
Appointment of Coordinator for Agricultural Chemicals Inspection was discontinued.
Five Divisions were renamed.

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